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Works for Single Instrument and Piano

Scaramouche - for clarinet and piano  (2022)  

Ukrainian Glory - for one instrument with piano  (2022)  

Once Upon a Time - for cello and piano (2021)

Pas de Deux - for cello and piano (2020)

Winter Music - for cello and piano (2019)

Spring Fever - for bassoon and piano (2017)

Spring Music - for cello and piano (2017)

Impulse - for clarinet and piano (2015) 

Mimosa Pudica - for cello and piano (2015) 

Words and Music: I. Proof, II. Take Me, III. Take My Flowers - for cello and piano (2014)  

One Thousand and One Bells: I. The Ringing of Her Thousand Bells, II. With Bells On, III. The Bell Ringer - for cello and piano (2013-14) 

Portraits of Moments: I. Lenny, II. José, III. Neel, IV. Nived, V. Neve  - for flute and piano (2011) 

Three Flower Poems: I. With A Flower, II. My Pretty Rose Tree, III. With A Tulip - for flute and piano (2011); or Bb clarinet and piano (2015) 

Three Pieces for cello and piano: I. Letter in a Bottle, II. A Prayer, III. By the Wishing Wall (2011) 

Wildflowers - for flute and piano (2010) 

Three Pictures for A Child - for violin and piano (2001) 

Moments - for flute and piano (2000) 

Three Pieces for violin and piano (1998) 

Divertimento - for flute and piano (1996)